Kraken! NHL’s New Franchise’s Name Rumor Mill

With the 32nd NHL Franchise set to join the league in two seasons—2021-2022 season—the name was set to be released after the All-Star game this year. With the franchise based in Seattle, people are very anxious for the name to be released. A team based in a place that has the image of always being rainy and/or cloudy, there has to be a name that goes along with that.

Some of the possible names that the ownership group of the upcoming Seattle franchise registered included: Totems, Emeralds, Rainiers, Sockeyes, Renegades and seven others. But one name stood out. Kraken.

The Seattle Kraken. A good but funky name, right? A name unlike any other NHL team names. No other team names consist of the name of a mythical creature. A name of a giant octopus/squid from “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” The rumor came out in an interview that came from John Hoven, editor of a website called Mayor’s Manor—covers the LA Kings—on Sirius XM’s NHL Network.

Hoven stirred up discussion around the franchises name on Wednesday, which came after the All-Star Game—the time that many were expecting the name to be announced. Russian Machine Never Breaks reported that Hoven said, “From everything that I’ve heard, it looks like Seattle Kraken is going to be the name.”

The Seattle franchise responded on Twitter.

If that is the name, there could be a lot of fun with it. Going around twitter, fans were tweeting, “the fanbase could be called the Krak-heads.” Definitely a funny fanbase name, but that could turn into some serious money. People love names for fanbases. Not many carry ones that are as catchy as “Krak-heads.” While it might be a little bit of an inappropriate name, what else would the fanbase be called. If they do choose Kraken as their name and end up not calling the fanbase the “Krak-heads,” then there would be unrest from not only the fans of the new team but also by fans around the league.

All of the other name options do not have as good of potential as this one. The Seattle Totems fanbase could be called the “Tots.” If they were to be chosen as the Emeralds, they could be called the “gems.”  No good fanbase names come from Sockeyes, Renegades or any of the others.

The other names that they registered such as the Sea Lions, Seals, Evergreens, Whales, Cougars, Eagles and Firebirds all do not seem like good fits for the name of an NHL team, rather an AHL—minor league—team name.

With that being said, and all the evidence of what the name of the team could be, Seattle Kraken has the best potential for a team name. The uniqueness of the name could pave way to changes in the way that fanbases of teams in the NHL shape the identities for the teams.

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