Mission 2020: Slaying the Dragon

These are confusing times for Michigan Football. What even constitutes a “step forward” for this program at this point? 

  • Haven’t won the Big Ten Championship outright since 2004
  • Haven’t beaten Ohio State since 2011
  • 4-6 in their last 10 against in state rival Michigan State
  • Haven’t won a BOWL GAME in 4 years

Jim Harbaugh is entering year 6 and this program has absolutely ZERO juice surrounding it and the upcoming season. So, with over 15 major contributors gone and a new quarterback at the helm of the offense, what would constitute a “step forward” for Michigan Football this upcoming season after going 9-4 last season?

For me the answer is very simple. If my Wolverines does not go into the Horseshoe and beat the Buckeyes, with a date to Indianapolis the following week in sight, they will have failed to take a step forward. 

I’m tired of the10-win seasons highlighted with an ass whooping courtesy of our Southern neighbors is not a “successful season” or a “step forward”. We’ve eaten the leftovers and obliterated Rutgers for long enough, it’s time we make a seat for ourselves at the table and begin beating Ohio State and competing for Big Ten Championships on a semi-regular basis. Anybody who argues that Ohio State is on a historic run right now and is unstoppable isn’t wrong, but I refuse to lower the standards and expectations of this program, and there’s a few reasons why.

Michigan spends just as much on its coaching staff, facilities, and football program as the big programs in America. Despite its reputation for choking in big games and not doing anything relatively significant year in and year out, Michigan is still able to attract top recruits and peel them away from the SEC (looking at you Daxton Hill). Despite its conflicted history, it does have the rich tradition and football history, some of the most iconic in the nation! 

For all of these reasons, I absolutely refuse to lower the standard of what Michigan Football should be. I don’t expect a juggernaut that is making the CFP every year, pumping out Big Ten Championships like Clemson, but I expect a competitive series with the Buckeyes and I expect Indy trips. Anything less to me is being ingenuine to what Michigan Football is and always has been; a really good program that competes with the Buckeyes (no 62-39 and 56-27), beats them every other year, and wins Big Ten Championships on a semi-regular basis.

I understand that this season is going to bring a multitude of new challenges, and truthfully my gut instinct is that Michigan won’t take a step forward this upcoming season, but unlike so many of our fans who have created pathetic excuses and normalized this sub-standard football we have been subjected to in the last 15 years, I still hold my team to a higher standard.

 For a program that always brags about its storied history and rich football tradition, I want to see some of that materialize into modern day success, something I have been seriously deprived of my entire life. Everyone calls Michigan Football a program of the past, and rightfully so, and it’s upsetting to see the legacy of Michigan football being tarnished year by year because of their inability to win The Game. So, it’s time people; let’s climb the mountain and slay the dragon November 28th.

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