NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Part 2)

#6 Detroit Lions- Jeffery Okudah CB, Ohio State

Ahh, my beloved Detroit Lions did one of the two things we hoped they’d do. The two things all Lions fans are hoping to see is either select one of Tua/Young/Burrow, or trade down (at least once) and select one of the defensive prospects. Jeff Okudah has been mocked to the Lions for seemingly the entire draft season but picking him at pick three seems way too high. Watching him lockdown the Michigan offense in front of me at the Big House this fall, I was impressed with his play. It seems very SOL (same old lions) to trade away Pro-bowl corner Darius Slay and then draft a corner with the third overall pick. I think the Lions should draft Tua and move on from Matthew Stafford, but c’mon guys, it’s the freaking Lions.

#7 Carolina Panthers- Isaiah Simmons LB/S, Clemson

The Panthers had a complete and total overhaul this offseason bringing in new franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater, head coach Matt Rhule, and offensive coordinator Joe Brady. A notable departure that hasn’t been replaced, sorry Cam, is Luke Kuechly, and since Matt Rhule is a college coach, I have them drafting Isaiah Simmons, the perfect college do-it-all defensive weapon. Being a Michigan fan, Isaiah Simmons is exactly what Jabrill Peppers was supposed to be, so it stings to see how good he was at Clemson and I personally think the Lions are being SOL by passing him up.

#8 Arizona Cardinals- Mekhi Becton OT, Louisville

The next three picks are good system fits. Mekhi Becton is an absolute athletic freak and his elite speed will fit Kliff Kingsberry’s screen-heavy offensive scheme. Becton’s rare speed at the offensive-line position will complement the playstyle of Kyler Murry and will be able to let the Cardinals showcase Murray’s mobility while at the same time letting him throw the ball to new receiver DeAndre Hopkins. While not the sexiest of picks, offensive linemen are totally needed. 

#9 Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Brown DT, Alabama

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a defense first team so getting Derrick Brown at pick nine is an absolute steal. Jacksonville had the name “Sack-sonville” so bringing in Derrick Brown would be very on brand and fill a need on their defensive line. With the moxie and swagger of new-found starting QB, Gardner Minshew, Brown will complement that swagger because of his now legendary quote that “I just love to hit people and destroy the other dude” when asked what his favorite thing was about football was. Many people have Brown anywhere from pick #3 all the way to pick #12 in their mocks so there’s some great value for Jacksonville here.

#10 Cleveland Browns- Andrew Thomas OT, Georgia

Congrats to the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Browns! Oh wait, you’re telling me the offseason champions and a locker room full of divas and crybabies didn’t win the super bowl? Wait, they didn’t make the playoffs? They had players screaming for the other team to trade for them DURING the game against the Cardinals?! Well, it’s the Browns so what did you really expect. Andrew Thomas is the perfect pick for the Browns and who they’d probably take with the #1 pick so that’s great. He’s the best pick because he’s a traditional right tackle, and free agent signing Jack Conklin is a left tackle so that makes everything all good. The Browns need offensive linemen because of Baker Mayfield’s health and how much they run the ball with stud running back Nick Chubb.

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