NFL Mock Draft 1.0 Part 3

#11 New York Jets- CeeDee Lamb WR, Oklahoma

The New York football Jets have been lacking a stud wide receiver for some time, and with an absolutely loaded WR class in this draft, the Jets will (likely) have their pick of the lot at #11. CeeDee Lamb is a great route runner and with his great hands, elite speed, and big play potential, Lamb has the best chance to be not just a Pro-Bowl wide receiver, but a Hall of Famer. He had over 1,000 yards his last two seasons and he looked like he couldn’t be tackled all season. Averaging 21.4 yards per catch is an absolutely insane statistic and going from catching balls from Jalen Hurts to Sam Darnold, he could flourish in the Big Apple.

#12 Las Vegas Raiders- Jordan Love QB, Utah State

The RAIDAAAAAS are on the clock now and it might be time for “Spider 2 Y Banana” Coach Gruden to have his way. Jordan Love, a pretty unknown quarterback that under preformed last year, would be the next quarterback in a series of quarterbacks that John Gruden was in love with for absolutely no reason. Some of these players like Jimmy Clausen, Brock Osweiler and many more were pegged to be Pro-Bowlers and turned out to be horrendous in the league. We all know the NFL is a quarterback dominated league but is Love good enough to pass up on people like Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III? Probably not.

#13 San Francisco 49ers- K’Lavon Chaisson DE, LSU

After trading away DeForest Buckner to the Colts, the NFC champions have the 13th pick, an absolute luxury for a title contender. After losing Emmanuel Sanders, the 49ers could be looking for his replacement, but I have them selecting the second-best defensive player in my mind, K’Lavon Chaisson. An absolute animal on the defensive line, Chaisson has the speed and athleticism to play multiple positions in the defense. With the best defense in the league, giving them another weapon in Chaisson would, and should worry the rest of the NFL.

#14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jerry Jeudy WR, Alabama

Now listen, I know that TOMpa Bay should select an offensive lineman to protect Tom but here’s my (probably flawed) logic against that. Jerry Jeudy along with CeeDee Lamb is the most electric player in this draft. He’s absolutely rapid and seemingly cannot be stopped. He will be the third receiver behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, and with TE O.J. Howard, RBs Ronald Jones II and Dare Ogunbowale, and of course the GOAT Tom Brady under center, the Bucs offense will be unstoppable. I fully expect the rest of the draft to be defensive picks as that Bucs defense needs a ton of help. 

#15 Denver Broncos- Henry Ruggs III WR, Alabama

After Burrow to the Bengals, and Young to the Redskins, Ruggs III to the Broncos seems to be the next unanimous pick. After one of the best and most underrated offseasons, the Broncos are primed to make some noise this season. Courtland Sutton emerged as a Pro-bowl wide receiver and Drew Lock looks to have Locked his position as the team’s franchise quarterback, last year so giving both of them help in Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III, the Broncos might just give the Chiefs a run for their money in the AFC West. Ruggs III doesn’t have the stats that Jeudy and Lamb have however, he’s an elite deep threat due to his scorching 4.27 40-yard dash time. Watch out for the Broncos this year.

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