3 Things to Watch for in the Bundesliga 2020 Restart

Sport as a whole dominate a large majority of our lives. If you didn’t realize it or believe that before, you cannot argue it now. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought the sporting world to a screeching halt, stopping every major sporting league in the world outside of the Belarus soccer league and Korean Baseball. The typical sports fanatic who fills and plans their entire day with sport is now left craving for any type of sport whether that be a replay of a classic game, a documentary on one of the greatest athletes of all-time, or watching the NFL draft with the same passion as the World Cup. Now, more than ever we can see the importance of sport in our own lives. Now that the first actual league is coming back, here’s your guide to the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga is the German “major league” soccer league, dominated by Bayern Munich for seemingly ever, this season looks to be the same as years past with Bayern in control of the table with a 4-point lead through 25 matchdays. The 2019-20 season started off with an early surge by RB Leipzig who led for a majority of the first 20 games after a slump by Bayern Munich. The two Borussia clubs were in opposite form as Monchengladbach were surprisingly in the top spot in the league for a period and in the top four spots all seasons. Dortmund, on the other had have recently surged up the table thanks to signing of Norwegian wonderkid Erling Haland. With nine matches remaining, here’s three things to look for in the final nine matchdays.

  1. Bayern Munich’s Eighth Consecutive League Title. 

If you like dynasties than this is your team. Bayern Munich is a combination of Patriots, Warriors and Yankees. Since there is no salary cap in Soccer, Bayern Munich simply just buys the best players of all the other teams in order to stay dominant. They have been doing this for a long time and seemingly haven’t gotten as much hate as they should in my opinion. Dynasties in American sports are heavily frowned upon, but Bayern seemingly gets a free pass. To explain how bad Bayern’s transfer policy is, basically they have one or two KD to the Warriors type moves each season. This year it would be like if the Lakers just bought out Giannis and had him on their team, if the Patriots just signed Pat Mahomes, or if the Capitals signed Connor McDavid. It’s harder to explain but anyone that’s an up and coming talent in the Bundesliga seemingly goes to Bayern and they keep getting off easy. On the other hand, RB Leipzig gets all the hate in Germany as they’re “buying success” as they’ve gone from the third division up to the top of the Bundesliga, but they’ve done so by buying a ton of young players. Now the teenagers they bought a few seasons back are now in their early twenties and are contending on the European stage and recently just beat out Tottenham in the UEFA Champions League. All that being said, barring a miracle, Bayern will cruise to another title this summer.

2. The Ascension of Haland.

With one of the greatest debuts in history, the 19-year-old Norwegian forward has scored nine goals in his first eight matches, in which he’s come on as a sub multiple times, making his goal record even more impressive. Against Augsburg, he came on as a sub in the second half and scored a hat-trick in 23 minutes, something absolutely unheard of. After tearing up the Austrian soccer league and the Europa League with RB Salsburg, Haland found himself as the most coveted player in soccer this January with nearly every big team interested. Haland opted to go Borussia Dortmund, one of the best “talent factories” where they buy low on young players, turn them into world-class players and sell them for top dollar. In the past few years, Mario Gotze, Ousmane Dembele, Alexander Isak, Christian Pulisic, Emre Mor, are just a few of the players that Dortmund has profited heavily off of. Haland looks to be that next player as he’s already linked to a move to the likes of Juventus, PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc. In the remaining nine games I expect Haland to get in the top 5 of the golden boot race as he’s already 12th with his nine goals in eight games. He could realistically finish third behind Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski and Leipzig’s Timo Werner.

3.Timo Werner’s Last Game for RB Leipzig.

Timo Werner, Leipzig and German National Team striker has been rumored to move clubs in this summer’s transfer window. Linked most heavily with Liverpool due to connections to the club’s German manager Jurgen Klopp, Werner would join the English champions and add to their already lethal attack of Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Divock Origi. Roberto Firmino’s last club was Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga so he could help the young German’s transition to the Premier League. After 21 goals in 25 games, Timo continues to be one of the most lethal strikers in the world and looks to finally leave Leipzig after years of speculation. After signing another wonderkid in Patrik Schick, Leipzig now have two suitable replacements at the big Danish forward Yussuf Poulsen has been a great substitute for Werner for a couple of seasons now, meaning Werner will likely move to Liverpool this summer, but as I said earlier, watch out for Bayern coming out of nowhere and snapping him up.